Slyvon Blanco

Hi, I'm Slyvon Blanco

(Most people just call me Sly)

I'm an independent strategist, copywriter, and web designer who has a thing for simplifying complex ideas. Someone once called me a "Systems Jedi", so I guess I'm that, too.

In my free time, I do nerdy things like make I also try to write stuff every now and then.

When I'm not in front of my computer, you can probably find me at a coffee shop people-watching... at a gym lifting heavy things... or at a restaurant eating chicken wings (with ranch, because ranch > blue cheese). My home base is in Illinois, but I've been taking one-way trips around the world since 2015 and living out of AirBnbs (update: I'm currently living in the San Diego area).

Other words I use to describe myself: minimalist, techie, foodie, INTJ, generalist, and a professional at going down rabbit holes.